Private Investigation

How Does a PI Collect Evidence?

There are many ways that a NYC private investigator collects evidence that can be used in a court of law. They first interview their client and learn as much as possible about the subject.

After learning what they can they then check the place of employment, residence and other areas that the subject will frequent. They may do this by making simple inquiries around the area or they may do this by surveillance.

If they do this by surveillance, they may use a multitude of methods including cell phones (using the camera) and GPS.

They may follow the subject and see where all they go and what they are doing.

They will make extensive notes and print out any photos and make copies of any videos that are created during the observation of the subject.

They will also make extensive reports regarding their observations. All of this will be placed into an evidence file and if need be it will be formatted for a courtroom procedure.

No two cases will ever be the same and it’s important to make note of this. The private investigator may spend hours and hours on a boring surveillance detail to find all of the required information for their client.

Focusing on vital and important details is key to gathering the right evidence for the private investigator.

Many times they will have to sit in a car for hours and hours just observing. They will have to watch and observe and wait for the subject to make a move so that they can record important details.

Rarely if ever will they do a wiretap and record phone conversations. They will spend most of their time out in the field observing the actions of the subject and then make a fully detailed report for their client.

They may take lots of pictures, they may make a few videos and they will take extensive notes regarding what is going on. They may take pictures of the subject with others, in their car or of the actual car where it’s parked to give evidence to the client.

When the evidence is presented in court they will also be in court to explain any of the evidence to the judge and to the other attorney’s as required.

Every state has different regulations and laws regarding private investigators and the evidence that they may admit to court.

A good private investigator will already know the specific laws for his or her state and prepare everything in accordance with these laws.

It may take several weeks to several months to gather the required evidence to present a case to the courts. Clients can anticipate updates every week and more often if required.

A private investigator will have many means in which they can gather evidence and prepare it for court and they will be able to focus on their case accordingly for long periods of time.

Private investigators may be hired by a spouse, an attorney or anyone else who requires their services.