Where are we headed towards?

Scientists in the UK, only the other day, were allowed permission to change embryos of babies in a laboratory.

They can decide what traits these embryos have. This was already done in PEOPLE in Africa with babies who were genetically immune to a disease (I forget which one).

The trouble is, this slippery slope is inevitable. If superb individual infants are wanted by a couple of folks, then they’ll be strong. Then everyone will need to get super human infants so that they can maintain the power component.

It makes for a very rough future

Need Additional Income? Rent Out Spare Room!

Do you have an extra room in your home that you’re not using? Why not rent it out and earn a little extra income? Renting out a room in your home is easy to do, especially if you are located near a college or university. There are always students looking for a place to live during the school year. You can even provide kitchen privileges if you want and allow them to cook their food. You may Visit www.roomzoom.com to look for New York City roommates these become part of the family and are a beautiful addition to your home life.

Before renting out a room to anyone, there are a few things you should do to ensure you are not doing anything illegal or which could get you in trouble.

First, check the laws in both your state and your county. There may be specific conditions or criteria which must be followed when renting out a room. Some localities will restrict who can rent a room, so be sure you are allowed to rent to someone outside your family.

Next, choose which room you will be renting. You will need to include the use of a bathroom and this may impact which place you decide to rent out. Are you renting just one room or an entire space like a basement? If you can rent a room or area with an en-suite bathroom, you may be able to charge more rent.

Before allowing someone to move in, set up a separate entrance, if possible, so your tenant doesn’t go through your home. If you are renting a room that doesn’t have a separate entrance, be sure and secure all valuables and firearms. It is also a good idea to place locks on doors to areas where the tenant is not allowed access.

Renting a room in your house is an excellent way to earn a little extra income. Check the local laws and secure your home before allowing anyone to move in.

Where to Getting Autism Diagnosed in Virginia?

For those who are looking to get their child diagnosed, it is important to go to the right facility. It is essential to get Registered Behavioral Therapist who have worked with autistic children to get a read on what is taking place before making a diagnosis. This is where a skilled hand can go a long way in the child’s future.

For those who are ready for the diagnosis and want a professional to take a look, it is essential to go to the right place, and that’s what this read will consider and highlight.

1) VCU Autism Center

This is a good place to start because you are going to have specialists on hand who can assist. They will provide all of the relevant information a person would want when it comes to a decision such as this. You want as much information as you can get and this makes it easier for you.

VCU Autism Center is well-regarded for what it has done in the area and will help out a lot. It is a great place for parents to move towards when it comes to their child and the diagnosis.

2) Inova Kellar Center

This is another world-class center that has a lot of value to add when it comes to autism and has done great work in the region. You will be in great hands here as well when it comes to the child and this diagnosis.

It is essential always to find the right autism centers because the value of a first diagnosis can make a real difference in the long-term. It is essential to think about this when hoping to make a choice. You want to get a foot in right away as it will help you and your child. Trace the Facebook posts to get an update every for any organization.

Why Donald Trump Might Put Political Scientists in Jail

For the last two years, the world has been paying meticulous attention to the recent American presidential elections. This is because both of the candidates came under heavy scrutiny. Donald Trump faced a string of accusations, ranging from racism to sexual assault. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton had to endure a significant investigation regarding leaked emails while being the secretary of state. But even though the battle is over, and Trump took a surprising win, the trouble just seems to get more intense. In fact, there’s a lingering question on whether Trump might put political scientists in jail and they will not going to get the support from any bail bonds expert.


Political scientists, in general, don’t engage in political situations. Instead of leading protests and getting involved, they stand on the sidelines and interpret the events. But for the first time, a large group of them have written an open letter, stating that Trump is a massive danger to democracy in America.

With every day that passes the image of Trump as a dictator is becoming more realistic. For starters, his refusal to accept the poll results if he didn’t win was a big warning for the political scientists. But it doesn’t end there. Trump has consistently made his position on immigrants very clear, and he’s not scared of speaking his mind. He even threatened Clinton during the second presidential debate, stating that he would have her investigated by an attorney general of his choice after winning.

Trump’s indifferent attitude to serious issues, such as breaking the alliance with Japan and letting them gather nuclear weapons is chilling, to say the least. In fact, he encouraged his voters to play watchdog, because he believed the polls would be rigged.

Even though it’s not a positive way to invite the new president, one can’t help wondering when the dictator in Trump is going to climb out and start jailing everyone who defies him.

A study and glimpse at why gene scientists might end up in jail


When it comes to studying and understanding criminology, there are a variety of things to keep in mind. For instance, some scientists are saying that there may be a gene that is linked to their criminal behavior. Many researchers have studied these sorts of things, to the point that they have isolated a gene that shows a correlation between whether or not a person might end up in jail. With this in mind, read on and use these points so that you can learn as much as you can about this potential finding.

What is the criminal gene?

According to studies, scientistsĀ  in New Jersey have isolated a gene that says that certain people are predisposed to a gene that leaves them open to more aggressive behavior. Many crimes that land people in jail and prison are violent crimes or those that involve aggression. Because of this, gene scientists are continuously studying this sort of circumstance to see the link that it might disclose so that they can act accordingly in potentially pinpointing people who might be more aggressive and violent than others.

So how serious is this?

According to scientists, approximately 40% and 70% of the people who are currently incarcerated are predisposed to this so-called criminal gene. There are a variety of studies on this topic, and it is clear that the scientists in new jersey will continuously do more to learn all about this issue to see what can be done to curb this predisposition potentially.

With these points in mind, you can continuously study and research this sort of topic to learn a bit more about how this gene comes into play and how it might play a role in somebody becoming another statistic in the criminal justice system.

How Eye Surgery Is Like Modifying Our Genes

Before, laserĀ eye surgery was primarily used to reshape the eyes’ surface with a laser. This procedure was done to correct or improve astigmatism, long-sightedness or short-sightedness so that a person wouldn’t have to wear glasses all the time to see.

Many years ago, it was a pure privilege to be able to practice laser eye surgery. David Gartry (http://davidgartry.co.uk/), for example, needed multiple decades before becoming the UK’s first approved surgeon. Nowadays, laser eye surgery can simply be to get what you want.

In short, science has now shown how eye surgery is like modifying our genes, kind of like playing God.

Remember Dorothy of Oz? In one memorable scene, she asked the people of Oz if they could “dye” her eyes so that it matched perfectly with her gown, from which they happily obliged. Modern advances in molecular genetics have changed the way we think of ourselves; unsurprisingly, this branch of genetic engineering has garnered the most controversy over the last years.

Genes are what makes a person uniquely different from one another. It accounts for skin complexion, hair and eye color, and even gender. People with familiar brown eyes may feel like they got the shorter end of the stick when seeing blue-eyed people, but the premise was that eye color was something that science could not change. Temporary fixes such as blue, gray or green colored contacts only provide an illusion until you remove the lenses.

Today, you can pick out your eye color from a chart, and have a doctor perform eye surgery for a few minutes and a 40 thousand dollar dent in your wallet. How’s that for being able to modify our genes?

Soon, humans will be able to advance further gene editing in embryos to remove diseases before the baby is even born. This advancement would be ethically similar to using laser surgery to remove eye defects. Gene modifications present some life-changing benefits we provide our children with.

Wishing for a healthy, smart and beautiful baby with a slew of desirable characteristics? That may very well be possible in the future, through the wonders of science and genetic engineering.